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The following books have helped shape the views of Chaille Brindley, the author of Organic Faith and the 'brains' behind this Web site. I have found these books to be spiritually challenging and insightful. Please keep in mind that I am not condoning every last word in these books. Don't believe everything in a book (except of course the Bible) just because it was written by a "Christian."

Turn on your brain and listen to the gentle voice of the Holy Spirit as you read. It can be real easy for an author to go from the anointing of the Spirit to human wisdom even in the span of a few words. As a result, you must always be on your guard looking for the truth. Compare everything in the following books to Scripture and let the Holy Spirit guide you.

Notice The best book to read is the Bible - God's love letter to you. It should be a daily part of your life. But if you're like me and like to read, here are some additional books to consider. May these books challenge you as they have me.

Reading List

John Bevere - Bevere puts tough lessons in easy-to-swallow language. He brings harsh prophetic messages with a smile. While many calling the Church to repentance are tuned out almost immediately, Bevere has a way of calling down the fire without scaring the reader in the process.

  • A Heart Ablaze - Bevere lays out what it takes to develop a heart on fire for God. God used this book to provoke me to seek greater intimacy with Him. Anybody have a match?
  • The Fear of the Lord - Sometimes we take God and his holy side a little too lightly. Bevere spells out what happens to those who do not fear God and why the fear of God is so critical to revival.
  • Dietrich Bonhoeffer - The Cost of Discipleship - Bonhoeffer gave all for the cause of Christ, including his life. As a leader in the underground church in Germany, Bonhoeffer went head-to-head against the Nazi leadership. In this Christian classic, Bonhoeffer explains just what Jesus requires of His disciples and key lessons we all must learn if we truly want to live a life worth of the Kingdom of God.

    Michael Brown - Go & Sin No More - Do you have a sin problem? This book explores the entanglements of sin and how you can break free through the power of Jesus.

    Chuck Colson - After a life in politics and prison, Colson experienced many things which have given him a broad view of the Church and its role in society.

  • Kingdoms in Conflict - Explains how the kingdoms of men and the Kingdom of God clash and co-exist at the same time. From a political insider turned devote Christian, Colson presents interesting insight to one of the greatest struggles of the modern era.
  • The Body - Colson unmasks some of the problems with the established church and highlights many of the authentic moves of God taking place all over the globe.
  • Jeanne Guyon - Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ - This is a classic on seeking God, especially through meditation and listening in stillness to the voice of God. If you want to go to the next level, consider living this book.

    C.S. Lewis - One of the greatest Christian authors of all times and my personal favorite. He has written so many good books. I have highlighted two.

  • Mere Christianity - The classic book on Christian apologetics. It has helped many people grapple with intellectual barriers standing in the way of accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior.
  • The Screwtape Letters - Lewis dove deep into the psyche of the enemy as he explains spiritual warfare from the viewpoint of a demon. The psychological and spiritual insights in this book are outstanding - a must for any serious reader of Christian literature.
  • Watchman Nee - Imprisoned for his faith and a leader in the Chinese church, Nee's works are deep and powerful. You will never look at the world the same after you get a hold of his books.

  • Authority & Submission - Nee tackles spiritual authority, which is one of the toughest issues facing the Church today. If you have 'authority' issues, this book will help you see how even Jesus honored the authorities during His earthly ministry.
  • The Song of Songs - Nee brilliantly explains the details of the great love story between Solomon and the Shulamite princess and how it foreshadows the love relationship between Jesus and His bride.
  • The Spiritual Man - A look at the spiritual side of mankind and how it should shape our entire life as a Christian.
  • Charles Newbold - These books are so dangerous to the establishment that they should carry a Surgeon General's warning on them. Don't read these books unless you are willing to throw out everything you thought about 'church' and 'living a happy, blessed life here on earth'.

  • The Crucified Ones - Newbold describes the challenge to those who desire to be part of the radical end-time remnant - those who will lay it all down for the cause of Christ.
  • The Harlot Church System - Just be warned, you will probably be offended if you read this book, especially if you are a pastor. As Newbold explains that is exactly what many in the modern Church need. Approach this book with an open mind and you will likely be surprised by how God refines your view of His work on the earth.
  • Michael Slaughter - UnLearning Church - One of my favorite books on the postmodern movement and how the Church must adopt to meet the needs of the current culture while holding onto the truths that give the Church its power and reason for existence. Every pastor should read this book.

    Tommy Tenney - The God Chasers - A good book on developing a hunger for intimacy with God.

    David Wilkerson - The Cross and the Switchblade - One of the greatest stories of faith of the 20th century, Wilkerson retells how God took him from a preacher in a small town to leading heroine addicts and gang members to Christ in New York City.

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