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What is Organic Faith?

Organic Faith - Free book by Chaille Brindley

Quite simply, organic faith is the phrase that God gave me to describe His ultimate desire for me. It is a concept that I can hold onto when everything else seems to fail. I believe organic faith describes the type of relationship He wants to have with man. In form, it differs from person to person. But ultimately God, the creator of the universe and the only One worthy of praise, is jealous for our lives. He seeks to hold your heart in His trustworthy hands. God calls each person to an intimate, one-on-one relationship with Him.

Relationships are as unique as snowflakes. Each one differs; yet many of the ingredients are the same. Consider how two children interact differently with the same parents. Recall close friends in your life, each one holds a special place. It is impossible to come up with a concrete definition for organic faith. Discovering the meaning is part of the adventure. You must find it out for yourself. But here is what God has shown me.

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